Saturday, February 26, 2011

César Gift Suite 2011

And the César Award for Best Gift Suite 2011 goes to … OK, so maybe there was only one, but Nathalie Dubois definitely desserves a prize for what was yet another wonderful pre-César Awards gift suite. Several brands gathered at the swank Napoleon Hotel in Paris to shower the stars, the future stars and, well, me, with goodies.
Young talents including nominees Leila Bekhti and Anais Demoustier joined
Frederique Bel, Gilles Lellouche, Jean-Paul Rouve, Josiane Balasko, Julie Ferrier, Gerard Jugnot, Tomer Sisley and Karin Viard among other talents for a romp through the suite.

A few of my faves ? I LOVE Zazazou. Not only because I learned a new French expression (apparently « zazazou » means the butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling in French), but also because the lithe French girl galavanting around Paris graphics really show a love for the city and the designs are original and fun…AND, extra bonus, it’s all made from organic materials! So, in sum – chic, fun and organic (and, may I add, quite affordable), it has “Lafleur” written all over it! (Well it doesn’t, but it should don’t you think? ;) Here’s their website: great stuff!

I’d also like to welcome two new additions to my apartment: the Mona Lisa and Brigitte Bardot. Yes, the Mona Lisa now resides in my tiny Parisian apartment. Before you call the authorities at the Louvre, let me explain that MY Mona Lisa is hot pink and in pillow form. Téo Jasmin offers funky art deco paintings, pillows, bags, t-shirts etc including bulldogs with sunglasses, Marilyn Monroe, the Beatles and other fun designs. Check out their site:
And come visit, Mona, Brigitte and moi anytime!

Nonna Bakes ! She does and apparently her baking skills are "top" as they say here. The cake co. was on hand with mini-cupcakes and a golden Cesar award in cake form. Choose your design and Nonna Bakes can turn it into a cake, cupcake or cookies. What about Tomer Sisley in cupcake form? Delicious!

And then I fell in lØv … with LØv organic teas. The environmentally-friendly teas also happen to be delicious (well, I only tried the “détox” variety, but it’s fabulous and can’t wait to try more!) The minimalist design inspired by Scandanavian culture decorates the eco-friendly packaging. Lov organic offers classic flavors like Earl Grey or Jasmine, but also wellness blends like “Løv is pure,” “Løv is zen” (perhaps the best best before the César Awards?) and “Løv is good.” There’s a boutique in Paris on the rue Montorgueil or, if you’re in London, there’s now a pop-up store in Harvey Nichols, or check out their site:
I Løv it!

I’m also now officially a Rockstar. I like: Rockstar’s funky jeans, rugged American flag shirt and the fact that the brand was founded by two French guys working it in LA and now coming back to Paris.

I also love Tand3m. The brand, started by two young and adorable sisters, features girly-chic headbands and accessories. Flowers, sequins, red, gold or sparkly - the headbands are gorgeous and fun. (see photo)

And check out their website!

Not to mention my hot new Lacoste sunglasses… later alligator!

When I returned home from the gift suite, I doused my body in coffee butter exfoliating cream and fig lotion (hey, I had to carry all of those bags up six flights of stairs, what else was I to do?) courtesy of Mehitsa. It’s all Greek to me! Actually, it’s a French brand, but it’s inspired by the natural ingredients of Greece like honey, olive oil, figs, dates and, well, not sure the ancient Greeks consumed coffee butter, but it does wonders for dry skin in winter so who’s complaining?

It was a rough day, but I survived. Who wants to shower me with gifts today?


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the gifts! Sorry, but I got nothing to offer gift wise.

P.S. Zazazou was mentioned in an episode of Sex and the City.

Anonymous said...

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