Thursday, May 26, 2011


J’en ai Marr ! The French expression « J’en ai Marre » means « I’ve had enough ! » Ironically, I don’t think I can ever get enough of Frédéric Marr’s cooking classes at La Cuisine. But not just any Cuisine… LA Cuisine, aka a fabulous cooking school just along the Seine in Paris. La Cuisine offers a variety of cooking classes, including Marr’s “Haute Vitalité” or “High energy” classes. This week’s class was “Cooking with Seaweed.” (For the record, I mean cooking dishes flavored with seaweed not actually cooking WITH seaweed in case there was any confusion.) On the menu du jour was a cocktail with apple, fennel and parsley followed by an avocado and seaweed tartare with a “Zen” sauce then shrimp with sea lettuce and rice followed by a tasting of Marr’s own Rrraw chocolate. Marr was informative without being didactic and showed us how to cook everything while letting us do quite a lot for ourselves to learn from experience. The vast basement kitchen at La Cuisine provided ample space, a clean counter and perfect amenities for our class of five “students.” Marr specializes in healthy cooking that also tastes good and the meal “we” made was just that. The ingredients weren’t too esoteric in general – Marr swears that I can find “kefir” easily in Paris, France, that is still to be confirmed – and, while it did help having a huge kitchen and six people cutting and chopping at the same time, the recipes can easily be converted to be made in a tiny Parisian kitchen all by oneself (cough cough). Marr works closely with the best Naturopath in Paris, Mila Buchmann and the two lead health retreats in the Fall and Spring that detox body and mind. I can’t wait to discover their trips. Check out some video and photos from the class and be sure to indulge in Rrraw chocolate – delicious! Bon appétit!

Xoxo Rrrawbecca

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