Thursday, September 30, 2010

Parisian of the Month

Recognize anyone? Check out Richard Nahem's fab Eye Prefer Paris blog!

Roses are Red...

A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet…
Will it ? We’ll find out soon when the famous Rose Bakery opens a new spot at the Maison Rouge.
Exciting news, Parisians (and visiting friends) – Rose Bakery is opening a third location ! As many of you know, Rose Bakery is one of my favorite dining spots in Paris (a fitting place for Lafleur, La Rose, obviously) and this just in – you heard it here first – they’re opening at La Maison Rouge in the 12th arrondissement. And, in « Park Avenue Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall » restaurant style, Rose Bakery Maison Rouge will change its look three times a year. La Maison Rouge promotes contemporary creation through a series of exhibitions in its vast space. Check out their next expo “Investigations of a Dog” (based on the title of a Franz Kafka story) from Oct 23rd – Jan 16th before you head to Rose for a relaxed – and always organic, often orgasmic (seriously, have you tasted their baked goods?) – meal in the center of the building. Rendez-vous on October 23rd for la Rose at la Rouge (with Lafleur of course) !
la maison rouge
10 boulevard de la bastille
f - 75012 paris

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1...2...3... Eva Herzigova launches new collection!

Hanging with a supermodel surrounded by beautiful clothing on the terrace of a huge suite in a 5-star hotel (Le Bristol) ? Just another day in Paris...
VoilĂ  my interview with Eva Herzigova, who just launched her new winter collection for the French brand 1.2.3. now in stores all over the country. While you may have to look like Eva H. to fit into some of these swank numbers, most of the collection is simple, elegant and affordable... just like Eva! (Well maybe not the latter.) Check it out!