Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Got mylk?
I do. And probably will every day while the sun shines down on Paris, France, may I add. My new discovery / soon-to-be uncontrollable addiction I fear is It Mylk, a new fro-yo shop located on the rue de l’Ancienne Comédie, just across the street from the Odéon metro and, more importantly, around the corner from chez moi. By “fro-yo,” I don’t mean the fat-free/sugar-free/taste-free variety common to dieting females of American descent – this fro-yo is in fact, frozen yogurt, aka yogurt that has been frozen (ok and sweetened a little bit, but no sugar added, just good-for-you fructose-fabulous agave nectar!) The cute little shop was founded by two adorable Parisiennes – the Lorenzi sisters, aka Mathilde and Constance – who fell in love with the frozen yogurt concept in New York then decided to open up their own version with a Parisian twist. It Mylk serves up yogurt for “it gyrls” – both a standard frozen variety that can be topped with everything from fruit to brownie pieces to muesli and good old regular yogurt, served with granola and fruit or with a more decadent chocolate dulce de leche flavor. The regular yogurt also comes in a “Detox” flavor infused with Kusmi Tea’s famous “Detox” variety (or maybe it’s not famous, but it’s certainly MY favorite Kusmi flavor and thus SHOULD be famous!) The yogurts come in both a full-fat variety and a "0%" fat-free variety for those on a REAL detox. The it gyrls of it mylk also serve up "Mylky cakes" courtesy of Gabrielle Jones, Junior Champion of French Pastry (yes, they actually have that competition here and take it very seriously, mind you – only in France!) All of the yogurt comes fresh from the cows of the Viltain farm, around 17 miles outside of Paris. Looking for a cool New York treat in Saint Germain-des-pres ? Well, now I’m no longer the only one, but very happy to be able to cool off with a delicious fro-yo à la française just around the corner. It Mylk: it does a body très bien!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I've officially joined Twitter (about time, right?) Follow me @ Lafleurdeparis !


ps Look - Claude Lelouch is checking his iphone for my latest tweet - aren't you ??

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


A New Yorker in Paris who loves clothes, shoes, delicious food and French men – already a winning concept for a book. Actually, a winning concept in itself. (cough cough) Couple that with the brilliantly witty and engaging writing style of Kirsten Lobe and you’re got yourself a … well, a Hangover. A “Paris, Hangover,” that is, Lobe’s first novel, a fish out of water tail – I mean TALE – about an American girl working in fashion in NY who leaves everything behind to embark on new adventures (most of which involve French men, mind you) in Paris. The book follows protagonist Klein as she braves the strange jungle of French men and dating, not to mention daily life in this strange land they call France. As an American living in Paris for five years, Lobe really captures the expat experience with humor, but also emotion. It’s like “Sex & The City” meets “2 Days in Paris.” The book will truly make you feel “hungover” – a bit strange, but very glad of the fun you had while reading it. Lobe is a former fashion designer for Calvin Klein and Oscar de la Renta who left NY for Paris in 2002. She traded her 2,000 square foot Tribeca loft for a tiny St Germain des pres abode – and thank goodness, because her books are essential reading for any Américaine living in Paris. Lobe also penned “French Trysts” (yes, don’t you just love her puntastic titles? I certainly do.) in 2007. The book is totally wild – it follows a young (American, bien sur) Sorbonne student who becomes a Courtesan and enjoys the thrill of the high life in Paris (wait a second, not a bad idea … ) It’s a totally hot and sexy romp through Paris. Now, Lobe is maman to Oscar Maximilian and is working on another book, which I will be sure to give you more details on as soon as that approaches. What are you waiting for? Grab some champagne and prepare yourself for a “Paris, Hangover” !
(FYI, You can buy the book at Amazon and WH Smith.)

PS Voilà an excerpt from Jalouse magazine a couple of years ago featuring the first Lafleur-Lobe rendez-vous, american girls in Paris at - where else? - the Café de Flore!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Let's GOGO out in Paris !

Are you GoGoing to Paris anytime soon? Or are you stranded there like an ash-hole what with this volcanic eruption? Or do you live here like moi and are looking for all the new hotspots ? Well get GoGoing and buy your copy of the self-proclaimed “freshest guide to Paris,” GoGo Paris’ Insider Guide to the city of lights, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The guide is available in .PDF form at GoGo’s website http://www.gogoparis.com/shop/. For those of you not familiar with GoGo, it’s an English-language website devoted to all things hip and cool in Paris. The new guide will be bi-monthly and downloadable. It’s SO 2010 – I mean, who really wants to carry around an out-dated printed book ? The new GoGo guide has all of the updates on cultural events during the two month-period (the first issue is May and June), plus a guide to the newest addresses including shopping, restaurants, galleries, museums, bars, clubs and hotels. Not to mention insiders tips from Parisian personalities such as yours truly (see Page 19 for my picks!).

The guide costs just 8 euros (aka $11 aka 7£ depending on your monetary unit of choice) and features 55 pages packed with 300 addresses. What are you waiting for? Let’s GoGo!


Thought I was the only girl with an accent gallivanting around Paris and blogging about my adventures? Think again. Nirit Sumeruk, the chicest and sexiest South African this side of the French border, struts her stuff at Parispopcorn.com. In other “I have an accent and I’m très chic and I live in Paris” news, Pring Chindahporn boasts the funkiest shoes this side of the River Seine at her boutique on the rue Charlot. The two fashionistas joined forces on Friday night for a party at André and Lionel’s top-secret hot spot in collaboration with Vitamin Water, “The Apartment.” Upstairs, every girl’s dream – a bed topped with gorgeous high heels à la Pring. Downstairs, a giant chocolate cupcake (courtesy of Beauty Cakes), a Popcorn machine (bien sûr!), champagne and a lifetime supply of vitamin water. Not to mention fabulously fashionable Parisians everywhere, including several expats – it was accent-chic night at l’Appart. Fashion bloggers from Shine A Town Isa and Alix were in the house – practice your French at their fab site http://www.shineatown.blogspot.com/. That is, before your dose of Popcorn at http://www.parispopcorn.com/ and Pring’s shoes at http://www.pringparis.com/.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My extraordinary adventures at the premiere of "The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec"

A young intrepid journalist, ready to do anything to achieve her goals – and very pretty too. Oh stop, I’m blushing. Actually, I’m referring to Adele Blanc-Sec, the heroine from Jacques Tardi’s famous comic books who is the title character in Luc Besson’s latest turn in the director’s chair, “The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec.” French TV personality turned rising starlette Louise Bourgoin plays the lead, joined on screen by an all-star French cast including Gilles Lellouche, Jean-Paul Rouve and Mathieu Amalric. I covered the red carpet premiere of the film in Paris on Monday night – check it out. The stars all came out to support the film – not only Besson, Bourgoin and Lellouche, but also French thesps Christophe Lambert, Alain Chabat, Samuel Lebihan and Zinedine Soualem, plus famous faces from the fashion world like Jean-Paul Gaultier and songbird Olivia Ruiz. Quote of the evening: “You are very Adele Blanc-Sec.” –Alain Chabat, to me after our interview. Stay tuned for mummies, pterodactyls and, the scariest of all … papa razzi !

Sunday, April 11, 2010

"1.2.3.... say EVA!"

Thursday night, Eva Herzigova showed off her new collection for French brand 1.2.3 at a très VIP party in Paris at a private Hotel Particulier on the Avenue Foch. Eva was stunning in a long black dress as models wearing her collection wandered around the room. Best-selling author-turned media superstar Frédéric Beigbeder joined “it” girl Alice Dellal to play some of the best music I’ve heard at a party in awhile. Paris' in crowd hit the dance floor to move to nostalgic 90s tunes and modern hits. Several French celebs came out for the occasion including Bernard-Henri Levy and Arielle Dombasle, Natalia Vodianova, Melvil Poupaud, Lou Doillon, Vincent Elbaz, Zoe Félix, Aure Atika, Virginie Efira and Patrick Poivre d’Arvor. Former supermodel Herzigova has a two-year designing deal with 1.2.3. Check out these videos from the star-studded evening!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Movies of the week!

It's Easter weekend in Paris. Everything is closed and all of your friends are away in their country houses (or mine are at least!). Not to mention it's "raining like peeing cows" as the French so gracefully put it. Nothing to do? Head to the movies, bien sûr! And what should you see ? Check out my TV segment on Canal + show "Le Grand Journal" this week for the recommendations from the country's top film critics (cough cough :)