Wednesday, April 21, 2010


A New Yorker in Paris who loves clothes, shoes, delicious food and French men – already a winning concept for a book. Actually, a winning concept in itself. (cough cough) Couple that with the brilliantly witty and engaging writing style of Kirsten Lobe and you’re got yourself a … well, a Hangover. A “Paris, Hangover,” that is, Lobe’s first novel, a fish out of water tail – I mean TALE – about an American girl working in fashion in NY who leaves everything behind to embark on new adventures (most of which involve French men, mind you) in Paris. The book follows protagonist Klein as she braves the strange jungle of French men and dating, not to mention daily life in this strange land they call France. As an American living in Paris for five years, Lobe really captures the expat experience with humor, but also emotion. It’s like “Sex & The City” meets “2 Days in Paris.” The book will truly make you feel “hungover” – a bit strange, but very glad of the fun you had while reading it. Lobe is a former fashion designer for Calvin Klein and Oscar de la Renta who left NY for Paris in 2002. She traded her 2,000 square foot Tribeca loft for a tiny St Germain des pres abode – and thank goodness, because her books are essential reading for any Américaine living in Paris. Lobe also penned “French Trysts” (yes, don’t you just love her puntastic titles? I certainly do.) in 2007. The book is totally wild – it follows a young (American, bien sur) Sorbonne student who becomes a Courtesan and enjoys the thrill of the high life in Paris (wait a second, not a bad idea … ) It’s a totally hot and sexy romp through Paris. Now, Lobe is maman to Oscar Maximilian and is working on another book, which I will be sure to give you more details on as soon as that approaches. What are you waiting for? Grab some champagne and prepare yourself for a “Paris, Hangover” !
(FYI, You can buy the book at Amazon and WH Smith.)

PS Voilà an excerpt from Jalouse magazine a couple of years ago featuring the first Lafleur-Lobe rendez-vous, american girls in Paris at - where else? - the Café de Flore!


Shannon said...
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Shannon said...

Thank you Rebecca for publicizing this awesome writer! I'm almost finished with "Paris Hangover" and agree that it is a


for our lovely Parisian expats!! If you don't own it, SPRINT to your local WHS & pick it up!! I promise you'll love her witty humor and down-to-earth attitude.

I'm off to WHS sat. to buy the 2nd book-- I have a feeling I'll love it as much as the 1st!

Fifi Flowers said...

I wrote about post about it today too!!! Come visit moi