Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Voy to the World!

Oy Voy! Why did it take me so long to discover the pearl of a restaurant/shop on the Canal Saint Martin, Voy Alimento ? Located just off of the Canal’s Quai de Jemmapes, the small yet clean shop boasts a mini restaurant where Voy’s Jean-François Hammerle and his friendly team of healthy helpers serve up seasonal, creative fare infused with the superfoods sold at the shop. Start with a “Purple Power” drink of purple corn, ginger and apple juice or, if you are planning a triathalon for the day, opt for the “Purple Patate” with added guarana (aka a natural form of what I can only imagine rivals the chemical components of SPEED that I tried there yesterday and may not sleep again until 2015).

Follow with the daily plate (or a “petite” version for smaller appetites), a copious portion of an eclectic mix of vegan concoctions like tofu with a nopal cactus sauce, sesame and raw cacao, avocado, mango salad, potato and lucuma salad, cashew nut and açai purée and quinoa. All served with delectable purple corn and – savory patties, spirulina or chili sauces, a black bean chili and amazingly addictive crackers made of Urucum and turmeric spices. Finish off with an açai or cacao dessert or a Cat’s Claw infusion with acerola. The setting is warm and comforting and the sociable staff are willing to answer all of your questions about the different adventures ingredients (or at least all of mine, which is already quite impressive). Go early to beat the crowd, or even head in for an afternoon snack or early dinner since Voy is open all day until 7 pm. The restaurant is also open for brunch on Sundays from noon until 6 pm.

Acerola. Carob. Cat’s Claw. Jojoba. Lucuma. Maca. Klamath. Guarana. Copaiba. Chlorella. Gomphrena. Aguaymanto. Yacon.

If you have no idea what these words mean or if they‘re your favorite superfoods, Voy will be unforgettable. These aren’t just any superfoods. Hammerle discovered the potential of South-American superfoods when he lived in Peru for nine years and has brought his savoir-faire of, en French, “les superaliments” to Paris. He started selling super superfood products featuring quality ingredients carefully chosen from across the globe at the Raspail organic market on Sundays- and still does! In 2006, Hammerle partnered with Charles Bradier to open Voy and, the rest is healthy history.

The experience of dining at Voy (and likely leaving with a bag full of superfoods to get you through the day, week or coming months) is definitely not one to miss. Not to mention, the foods are super and so are the prices. All of the food is organic and a huge plate of the day’s seasonal superfood-filled cuisine is 15 euros. If you can’t get enough, make sure to take home a bottle (or twelve) of their “Purple Power.” It’s my new official beverage (yes, I have an official beverage, shouldn’t everyone ?) I feel like Superwoman with all of these superfoods! Not sure what to do with your recently-purchased bag of lucuma or chlorella? Have no fear, Frédéric Marr is here with a series of superfood-inspired recipes to amuse your palette and show you that even if you can’t pronounce them, superfoods can be delicious.
Here’s a sneak preview you can make at home. I call it “Shake what your Maca gave ya.”

Quinoa with avocado and Voy Alimento Maca

1 cup of cooked Quinoa
1 avocado
1 tablespoon of walnut oil
1 tablespoon of maca powder
6 walnuts (or, go crazy, have – gasp! – SEVEN!)
Cook the quinoa (if you don’t know how to do this, call me – you have no idea what you’re missing). Mix the maca powder with the walnut oil. Add the quinoa then the avocado cut into small cubes and mix “delicately” (ah, how the French are so chic when they write recipes). Decorate with chopped walnuts. Then, with all of the energy from your superfood-filled meal, SHAKE WHAT YOUR MACA GAVE YA.

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Tel : +33 (0)1 42 01 03 44
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