Thursday, September 30, 2010

Roses are Red...

A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet…
Will it ? We’ll find out soon when the famous Rose Bakery opens a new spot at the Maison Rouge.
Exciting news, Parisians (and visiting friends) – Rose Bakery is opening a third location ! As many of you know, Rose Bakery is one of my favorite dining spots in Paris (a fitting place for Lafleur, La Rose, obviously) and this just in – you heard it here first – they’re opening at La Maison Rouge in the 12th arrondissement. And, in « Park Avenue Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall » restaurant style, Rose Bakery Maison Rouge will change its look three times a year. La Maison Rouge promotes contemporary creation through a series of exhibitions in its vast space. Check out their next expo “Investigations of a Dog” (based on the title of a Franz Kafka story) from Oct 23rd – Jan 16th before you head to Rose for a relaxed – and always organic, often orgasmic (seriously, have you tasted their baked goods?) – meal in the center of the building. Rendez-vous on October 23rd for la Rose at la Rouge (with Lafleur of course) !
la maison rouge
10 boulevard de la bastille
f - 75012 paris

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PreteMoiParis said...

Oh so glad to have something new in the 12th! We never get much over here.