Thursday, October 29, 2009


It's official... I've been immortalized into a dessert ! (Well, OK, not immortalized, really just until they change the menu, but you get the idea..) There is now a dessert called Soupe "Rebecca" Chocolat Blanc- Wasabi, Glace Pistache // "Rebecca" White Chocolate & Wasabi Soup, Pistachio Ice Cream on the menu at Ze Kitchen Bis, aka the KGB (see previous blog post for more on that). It's a rich, yet not too heavy white chocolate soup sprinkled with wasabi (it sounds like a strange combination, but I promise it is absolutely delicious) and topped with mini-meringues and served with a pistachio ice cream and cookie crumble. It's a wonderful Franco-Asian mélange of flavors to end what is always a fabulous meal. Rebecca Soup is just like me - white, spicy and delicious. Plus, I only cost 8 euros ! So everyone head down to the KGB and try it !
xoxo Rebecca (of "Rebecca Soup" fame)

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