Saturday, May 01, 2010

“I feel like Kitchen tonight, like Kitchen tonight…”

Craving a futomaki or some quinoa with some acai and a side of goji berries ? Or do you have absolutely no idea what language that last sentence was in ? Either way, you’ll love Bob’s Kitchen, I promise. The sister spot to Bob’s Juice Bar in the 10th, Kitchen is on the rue des Gravilliers in French hipster town. Bob, aka Marc Grossman, a fellow New Yorker in Paris, serves up healthy yet hearty fare that’s mostly vegan, with a little vegetarian action thrown in on occasion. His smoothies and juices are the best in Paris (yes I know, that isn’t saying much, but they really are of a superb quality), not to mention affordable. Everything is made fresh on the premises that day, and the menu options change daily. (check out Bob’s Juice Bar facebook page for the updates every morning) My personal favorites include the “futomaki” rolls, a sort of Asian burrito if you will, filled with brown rice, avocado, cucumber, and usually mango or tofu, courtesy of the nearby Rice & Fish. It’s my official new “I have a screening at 1 pm” lunch – filling, delicious and incredibly easy to eat, with no sound emitted whatsoever from first to last bite – incredible. There’s always a salad du jour (think: quinoa with avocado and pineapple, pad thai or penne with salsa verde), a sandwich du jour and Kitchen’s famous “veggie stew,” a hearty bowl featuring some type of grain, cooked or raw veggies and an ethnic theme like “Indian,” “Italian” or “Mexican.” Not to mention the soup of the day (think tomato cashew or thai) plus the always changing juice and smoothie options made fresh in front of your eyes. Or not, since your eyes may be busy perusing the different cookbooks and magazines (American ones!! How exciting) circulating while you wait. For those of you early risers in Paris (I may just be talking to myself here), Kitchen is open from 8 am and offers great breakfast options in addition to smoothies like muesli bowls or teas with agave or jasmin and, on weekends, pancakes of the vegan or gluten free variety. Get there early to avoid the crowds (of French hipster regulars aching for Bob’s unique healthy fare). So put on your aprons – or more like American Apparel gear and skinny jeans if you want to fit in – and head into the Kitchen!
Bob’s Kitchen 74 Rue des Gravilliers 75003 Paris 09 52 55 11 66