Friday, December 10, 2010


“We’ll always have … OPI”
“We’ll always have Paris.” It’s true, Humphrey Bogart, we will. But can we have a decent MANICURE in Paris? That’s another story entirely. In America, one out of every two women have properly manicured hands, 98% percent of whom have gotten them professionally polished. (Statistics courtesy of Rebecca Leffler’s Hypothesis, inc.) In Paris? Much fewer and far between. 12% ? (source: My Wild Imagination). Manicures here not only cost a fortune, but just finding a place to get one is a task in itself. In NY, every street corner has a nail salon. (It’s right between Starbucks and the gym, see it now?) In Paris, pas du tout! Enter… OPI! The famous nail polish brand now boasts five nail bars in Paris for pampering from hand to toe. A polish change is just 5 euros and a full SPA Manicure 35 euros and classic manicure 20 Euros (which, if you live in America, will think is exorbitantly high, but if you live in Paris will think is a great deal!) The manicure features Avoplex oil and lotion, plus OPI nail care products like Nail Envy in all its forms. My favorite part? They are big on their puns and all of their colors boast clever names. My new favorite color for winter is called “We’ll Always Have Paris” – how perfect! Their “Swiss” winter collection also features some fabulous colors (with even more fabulous names) like “I’m Suzi and I’m a Chocoholic” or “Ski Teal We Drop” or even “Diva of Geneva.” Next up for 2011? An All-American “Texas” collection of colors including “Dou Think I’m Texy,” “San-Tan-Tonio” and “Too Hot Pink to Hold’em.” Special thanks to Barbara at the rue de Turbigo location for a beautiful manicure ! (OP)I LOVE OPI!

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Anonymous said...

I know, good manicure is hard to find here...I had one done once that I went home and redid myself it was so bad...Yikes!