Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bobbi Brown: Pretty and Powerful from Montclair to Paris

Dear Bobbi Brown,
You’ve changed me forever. It’s a miracle. You’re my hero. I’ve never been so happy, healthy and glowing.
Rebecca’s skin

I had the opportunity to meet Bobbi Brown (yes, THE Bobbi Brown – she’s a person, not just the label on your favorite makeup item) last week in her - and my ! - hometown of Montclair, NJ at her home base studio. Bobbi was vibrant, healthy, fun and beautiful - exactly like her makeup products with which I am now officially obsessed. I walked into the makeup session looking like Shrek and walked out looking like Gisele (well, from the neck up at least, they’re makeup artists not plastic surgeons). The “extra” moisturizer just rescued my dry skin from months - and years - of abuse from the cold. The eye cream, cleansing oil and hydrating face tonic are amazing (miraculous, really), and then there’s the makeup - oh là là! Bobbi has a color and a texture for everyone and every season, and it’s all surprisingly very easy to use - nothing complicated about it. I love the store in Paris on the rue des Francs Bourgeois so it’s a nice taste of home - from Montclair to le Marais, like moi! In fact, le Marais clientele mirrors the down-to-earth yet chic population of Montclair so it’s not surprising that Bobbi has set up shop in both locations. The Bobbi Brown look aims to make women look like their best selves, and it does. Bobbi’s new collection of “pretty powerful” palettes features great colors and a wonderful message - the idea that women are pretty before they put on their makeup, and powerful after. I love it. “Belle et puissante” – for once, it sounds better in English. But looks good on either continent. Bobbi is very into health, inside and out. She recently opened a yoga and spinning studio in Montclair next to her shop, and was sipping mint herbal tea when we chatted. Merci beaucoup, Bobbi Brown (or, in French, Bobbi Marron). Hey, if it’s good enough for the first lady (yes, Bobbi put makeup on Michelle Obama- yes she can!), it’s good enough for moi!

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Opalblossoms said...

Fellow Montclairian!!! Just made that up!! I remember back in the day I use to babysit right down the street from Bobbi Brown's house! In Mtc you never know who lives downstairs right?? See you are doing well as always!Bis