Monday, April 25, 2011

Prepsters in Paris: Tommy Hilfiger's Pop-up Prep Store

Prepsters in Paris

Boys in polo shirts and bright-colored pants. Girls in flowery dresses sipping drinks on a grassy knoll. A house with a white picket fence. For a moment, I thought I was suddenly back at Dartmouth College in bucolic New England surrounded by preppy frat boys and sorority girls. Or possibly at a friend’s Hamptons beach house.Then, I heard the French accents and stared up at the unmistakable Georges Pompidou museum. Tommy Hilfiger has made a pit-stop in Paris for the brand’s world tour of Pop-up stores celebrating la vie de Preppy. The traveling pop-up shops meant to look like an East Hampton beach house are traveling from Manhattan to Paris then to Milan, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Tokyo, Madrid and Belgium. The house is stocked inside with Hilfiger’s signature designs and all things preppy like plastic ducks, bow ties and a book titled "True Prep". Hilfiger’s capsule collection “Prep World” features 60 men’s and women’s pieces plus a croquet set, leashes and toys for dogs and backgammon-themed beach towels. The opening night cocktail to launch the Parisian pop-up took place under sunny skies and featured appearances from French actress Zoe Felix and other trendy Parisians as DJ Josephine de la Baume regaled everyone with music. I know the pop-up store has to go, but can we keep the boys dressed in polos and colored pants please?

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