Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who's Afraid of the Big, Good Wolfe?

A Wolfe is descending on Paris, France!
Don’t be scared, this Wolfe is here to help you.
He doesn’t bite. Well, he does bite into delectable, healing raw foods, but that’s about it. Unless you are made of cacao or avocado, I think you’re safe.
I have yet to meet David Wolfe, but I have heard only wonderful things about the master nutritionist and longevity health expert. Wolfe is a best-selling author who has worked with top talents in Hollywood and VIPs from across the globe, but makes sure to remain true to his roots touring the country to give lectures and educate people on the power of nutrition.
Paris’ resident raw food queen Arletty Abady is bringing Wolfe to Paris for a lecture series at the end of October. Arletty recently spoke with Wolfe and has shared her exclusive interview with me. Here, Wolfe talks about foods you can eat to make you more beautiful, specific foods that he calls “happy foods” that do indeed live up to their advertisement, how to protect yourself from radiation and toxic foods that most of us eat nearly every day, while giving a sneak preview of what to expect during his tour de France.
Check it out at – sorry, let me rephrase that, check it out NOW before the video is removed in two weeks – at :
If you’re interested in attending the events from October 26th – 28th in Paris, email Arletty at and tell her Rawbecca sent you. (Rawbecca is my healthy alter-ego who occasionally emerges in this land of heavenly pastry to make an appearance in the green world.)

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