Thursday, November 03, 2011

Matières à réflexion

Matières à réflexion
19 rue de Poitou 75003 Paris
You know the feeling. In French, they call it “coup de foudre”. In English, love at first sight. It happened to me on the rue de Poitou just a few days ago. I was walking along when, out of the blue, it caught my eye. After only a few minutes, it was true love.
The tiny shop on the rue de Poitou doesn’t even have a sign with the store’s name on it. Yes, it’s THAT cool. Only the coolest nightclubs don’t have a sign on the door. This is le Baron of hip Paris boutiques if you will. Inside, the theme is quality over quantity. The shop makes their own bags – all made from vintage leather. The bags are unique – from a shoulder bag made from old leather pants with butt pockets on the side to more classic messenger bags, there is something for everyone. The jewelry is beautiful too and, in a city with more scarves per square mile than people, their scarves stand out. I also love their shoes from adorable Italian brand Anniel – they’re like walking on clouds (very stylish clouds, for that matter). It’s a very “NoMa” spot (NoMa being short for “North Marais,” copyright Rebecca Leffler 2010, but it’s now spread across the ‘hood) – hippie chic, with a classy twist. The name means literally “Materials for reflection” and trust me, you’ll be reflecting over which materials to buy once you set foot inside.
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