Tuesday, February 09, 2010

BELLE EN RYKIEL (and happier too!)

It’s February in Paris. The air is cold, and the people are too. It’s either snowing or raining, and it’s dark when we wake up in the morning and dark again by late afternoon.
The Groundhog may not have seen his shadow, but I can confirm that Spring is coming early this year. On February 20th, H&M will launch its new exclusive knitwear collection designed by famous French fashion designer Sonia Rykiel. You all remember the most incredible party of the year, don’t you? (http://lafleurdeparis.blogspot.com/2009/12/rykiel-in-wonderland-h-throws-amazing.html)

Well, after launching the lingerie line in December, the knitwear collection will hit H&M stores all over the globe on Feb. 20th. Now, we can all be “Belle en Rykiel” (“beautiful in Rykiel”) and for even more beautiful prices ! And if the prices – 29,95euros for sweaters, 39,95euros for dresses – don’t make you feel good already, then maybe the fact that part of the proceeds of sales of the collection will go directly to UNICEF’s “All for Children” project will ?

Around 200 H&M locations will be colored with Rykiel’s designs including more basic black knit shorts, skirts and sweaters or schoolgirl-like blazers and more fun and colorful sweaters, dresses, leggings and scarves featuring Rykiel’s classic striped knits. The vibrant colors are like rays of yellow and pink sunshine in the middle of winter. French doctors have confirmed that wearing Rykiel’s colorful knits decrease depression by 98%. No, actually they haven’t but I have. Trust Dr. Lafleur, these sweaters will keep you smiling for hours. Rykiel also added her signature to the collection with bows on striped sweaters or Rykiel-ariffic words like “Mon pull Rykiel” (“My Rykiel Sweater” but it’s in French so that will be so chic everywhere other than Paris, France, bien sûr!) on her signature slogan tops. I love the black knitwear pieces splattered with clear rhinestones, including everything from sweaters to leggings and – of course, this is Paris, after all, more specifically Saint Germain des Pres – a beret.

Not to mention that Rykiel represents all that is beautiful about Saint Germain des pres, and now she’ll be spreading Saint Germain des pres love all around the world ! (Which I attempt to do every day, but they have yet to name a club sandwich after me at the Café de Flore like they have for her).
And, ladies, if you get to the shops in time (read: if you sleep in front of the store the night before, otherwise good luck finding anything after 20 minutes), THE accessory from the collection is Rykiel for H&M’s UNICEF bag. 30% of the proceeds from the bag will go to the project.

So before you start popping those anti-depressants or jumping into the Seine, throw on some brightly colored Rykiel for H&M-wear. Plus, at H&M’s affordable prices, it’s a lot cheaper than a psychologist.* (*Unless of course you buy the entire collection, which I might ☺)

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Forgetmenot said...

Ha! you're right! this is waaay cheaper than antidepressives :)
This are the times I regret not living in a country were there's H&M