Sunday, February 13, 2011

Buon ARTatitto!: Rose Bakery Culture gets an Italian Makeover

As you all may have noticed around 750 blogs ago, “Je vois la vie en Rose…” Bakery. I just can’t get enough. I was thrilled to learn that Rose Bakery recently opened a new location at la Maison Rouge, a modern art museum in the Bastille neighborhood of Paris. The new spot sees not only its organic menu, but also its décor change with the seasons thanks to Emilie Bonaventure’s hot interior designs inspired by the always innovative expos in the museum. This season’s menu and design of “Rose Bakery Culture” are a mélange of – are you sitting down for this? – Rose Bakery cuisine, Italy and art. “These are a few of my favorite thiiiiiiiings.” (To be sung to the tune of “The Sound of Music” of course) While I love Rose Bakery 1 (rue des Martyrs) and Deux (rue Debelleyme), the wait for a table and cramped quarters can be a turn-off for some. Enter Rose Bakery culture which offers a vast, open space complete with tables that can fit up to 15 people at a time. Check out this season’s hot décor: it feels like you’re sitting in your really hip Italian grandmother’s kitchen. The new Rose is open Tues-Sunday and, this just in: it’s open for DINNER (well, early American dinner circa 7pm-ish) on Thursday nights! The new expo also has some funky pieces (see: Mr Cheese Head and...well... I'm not quite sure what that is but they say it's art!)

Bon Appétit! Buon appetito! And not sure what British people say but I’ll throw in a “Have a bloody fah-bulous meal dah-ling”!

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Making Magique said...

omg i am actually super happy they changed the decor because before they had these funny circle mirror tables which were a dining disaster!!!!!! foods and drinks always falling through and who want to have to look at their reflection when they are stufginf their face with RB delicious stuff! hahah

cute blog found you via Seventeen et Mlle Valentine :-)