Friday, August 19, 2011

Hemp me, I'm addicted!

My name is Rebecca Leffler and I’m a hempaholic.
It’s true. I confess. It’s only been a few weeks now, but I can’t get enough cannabis.
At 4:20 pm every day, I … no just kidding of course, I munch on hemp all day long, there’s really no set time.
While hemp seeds may be très hard to find in France, they are ubiquitous in these parts (and by “these parts” I of course mean America, not necessarily specific to New Jersey, unless of course the “Garden State” moniker refers to mass cannabis farming?)
I love sprinkling hemp seeds on just about anything to add crunch, flavor, protein and nutrients and I am a fan of hemp protein powder in my smoothies for some added bulk. So, in sum, you can sprinkle hemp, smoothie hemp…and smoke hemp I imagine, but I don’t recommend in seed or protein powder form, they’re too delicious to waste.
I’m currently enjoying Nutiva's hemp seeds on just about anything. Nutiva's seeds are Canadian, so it’s only natural that I’d like them. Like most other Canadians, Nutiva's hemp seeds are subtle yet robust, healthy and make me smile. Most American states can’t legally grow hemp and its still not legal on a federal level, so we have to rely on our Canadian friends to supply us with our stash. Crazy, eh? Get some Canuck cannabis asap – it’s smokin’ good. Hemp seeds are known as hemp hearts in Canada and rightfully so – my heart beats for those white and green little sprinklings of love. Omega-oodness gracious, this stuff rocks. And, fact of the day: The Declaration of Independence draft was written on paper made out of hemp. Thomas Jefferson himself grew hemp. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all hemp is created equal… Actually, not true. Make sure you get your hemp from a reliable source, preferably organic. Check out:
Unfortunately, I still can’t find hemp seeds in Paris – the French government says adultery is OK, but healthy hemp seeds a menace to society – I may have to go on strike. (Or feel free to mail me a few bags, shhh I won’t tell Sarkozy.)



well, if you realy want to buy hemp seeds, these pple will email you a directory of pple who sell thatand other products here in France
Confédération Internationale du Lin et du Chanvre
contact them on
good luck.


You can contact
Confédération Internationale du Lin et du Chanvre
at this address and they will email you a list of sellers of that other stuff.
Good luck