Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yo, Omgirl ! Downward Digitty Dog!

I’m an Omgirl from New Jersey, yo! Yes, I do indeed realize I’m from the suburbs and I go to yoga on a regular basis. OK fine, I’ll take the “yo” out, that may have been too much, but I am now officially a lifelong Omgirl, aka a fan of the très chic yoga-inspired clothing line. I immediately fell in love with Omgirl when I heard the name – I always love a good pun as you may have noticed. I know Omgirl clothes are supposed to be for yoga, but I’ve actually been wearing them all day long. Omgirl describes itself as “unique blend of urban chic and West Coast sensibility.” Just like me! Yes, again, I know I’m from New Jersey, but I think that in a past life I was a Californian yogini meditating all day and eating hemp seeds (see previous post). It makes sense that clothing that is perfect for yoga would also be perfect for everyday. Both need to be comfortable and easy to move in, but also look good. Enter, Omgirl! All of their tops are long so they won’t move up your back when you’re doing your 10th downward dog in that vinyasa flow sequence and formfitting so they stay pinned to your body even when your body is flying off the mat. The clothes are great to wear at home or at om (sorry, I can’t resist). Check out Omgirl’s site at or, if you’re in Paris, make sure to stop into Yoga Concept.

Yoga Concept is a brand new shop in NoMa (“North Marais” and now my official ‘hood) that has opened literally across the street from Chez Lafleur. I noticed it only recently – it was like a beacon of light shining down upon the rue de Turenne shedding the divine light from above into the divine light in me, Namaste. (Actually, I think it’s more like a daily friendly reminder to get my butt out of bed and head over to yoga class, but I’ll leave you with the more spiritual image – it’s much more beautiful than me in pretty much any yoga position.)
The everything-yoga concept store brings modern urban yoga to the streets of Paris (and did I mention in THE BEST neighborhood? But I’m not biased.) Pop in for a chat with the adorable American in Paris (we’re ubiquitous in these parts, what can I say?) Pamela Levy who has brought yoga-inspired chic from across the Atlantic. Levy makes sure to select only the brands she loves most based on both quality and company ethics.

Once you’ve got your yoga mat and attire walk, step or jump over to l’Atelier Marais, a fab yoga studio just around the corner on the rue Charlot. From relaxing yet surprisingly energizing Hatha classes with Ingy to more physical Vinyasa yoga with an Eastern vibe with Judith, l’Atelier boasts a variety of classes at all times of day and night with an eclectic mix of knowledgeable instructors.

If you’re across the Atlantic and in New Jersey, head to Yoga Montclair, an Anusara studio run by the lovely Omni Kitts Ferrara and featuring some great teachers too, all with their own unique teaching styles from fashionista-turned-yogini Julissa to the motivating and philosophically physical (I just invented that description, but I find it incredibly fitting for a yoga instructor) Hillary to the vivacious yet gentle Julie. Everyone, from the staff to the yoginis (and select yogis, though it’s true the men are few and far between) is very open and friendly and the studio will be moving and expanding from Upper Montclair to a new location at the end of September. Check out their site for more info:

By the way, a “yogini” refers to any girl who practices yoga. I love it. It sounds like some sort of Indian pasta dish. “I’ll have the yogini, please.” Perhaps served with a pigeon pose? Anyway, for all of you yoginis out there wherever you are, Omgirl garb is divine. Feel free to Namaste in the clothes all day and night long. It may not bring your immediate spiritual lightness of being, but it will keep your movements lights for sure and keep you looking outside like the goddesses you are inside. Come on now, inhale, all of you with me now…Ooooooooooooooooom(girl). NAMASTE. Perhaps my Tibetan monk friends will soon be wearing Omgirl’s clothing too? (See video below for some anytime zen.)

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